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When you need to speak to lots and lots of people, the PortaVox is your choice. This WORKHORSE can reach up to 5,000 people in a stadium. Who wants to be this loud? Camp Pendelton Marine Base, high school football coaches, firing range instructors...you know the type.
(List Price. $2015.00).......(Minimum advertised Price. $1612.00).......Your Price? (we can not advertise a lower price, so just give us a call to get the lowest price in the USA.)


XTREME II DELUXE PACKAGE-Indoor/outdoor audiences up to 5,000 people. Xtreme II is an AC powered system that delivers a powerful 123dB of crystal clear speech projection - that's louder than a rock & roll band! With the convenience of a built-in CD player and a wireless microphone, the Xtreme II is great for large indoor and outdoor events such as press conferences, sports events, graduation ceremonies or productions. (List Price $2785.00)....(Minimum Advertised Price $2228.00).....(Your Price? Call for the best price in the USA.)


LIBERTY SOUND SYSTEM The Liberty sound system is the gold standard for battery powered sound. The Liberty sound system is designed for cowds up to 1000 people with its 117dB or clear sound. Who uses the Liberty?
The White House for presidential press conferences, thousands of schools around the world, corporate training centers, rental operations, EVERY U.S. AIRCRAFT CARRIER.
(List Price Deluxe Package $3085.00)
(Minimum Advertised Price $2468.00)......... (Your Price? Call for the best price in the USA.)


Policeman, fireman, coaches, FBI agents, Marine drill sergeants, auctioneers (the subtle people) all choose the
MegaVox. This PA system can operate for up to 10 hours on a charge. This unit weighs just 15 pounds and is available with wireless microphone for covenient field operations.
(List Price for basic package $1120.00)
(Minimum Advertised Price $896.00)
(Your Price? Call your personal A/V Guys for the best price in America on your MegaVox.)


What do the President of the United States, a tour guide and a cheerleader have in common? Why they all use the MiniVox! The MiniVox weighs in at 5.5 pounds, runs for 30 hours on a set of C cell batteries , it is the most convenient little sound system around, and it delivers that distinctive Anchor Audio sound quality.
(List Price for MegaVox Basic Package.....$675.00)
(Minimum Advertised Price......$540.00)
(Call for your best price)


Explorer is a favorite of the audio equipment rental companies and hotels for a quick set-up in a conference room. Weighing 20 pounds (23 pounds for the battery-powered model), this sound system has also traveled the world with missionaries and aboard cruise ships. Explorer
delivers a great balance of speech clarity and music fidelity.
(List Price for Explorer Basic Package.....$1545.00)
(Minimum Adertised Price........$1236.00)
(Call for Your Best Price.)